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Cagayancillo is an underwater ridge sculpted by extinct volcanoes that ends in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park.

Dive Cagayan Island 2024/25

The Cagayan ridge, which is 500 km long and 30 km wide, is topped by the Cagayan islands. The ridge, which erupted from dormant volcanoes thousands of years ago, links the Cagayan islands with the Tubbataha Reef and Borneo. Throughout the years, corals developed there up to 100 m high, albeit some of it sank again, deteriorated, or degraded.

The 120-kilometer-distance archipelago from Sipalay contains 31 islands. For the most part, they are unoccupied. Because all of the islands are flat and thickly covered with vegetation, including palm trees, the region is occasionally contrasted with the Maldives. All year long, the temperature is high, but from December through to April, the humidity is lower than it is from May to November.

There are 31 islands in the 120-kilometer-distance archipelago from Sipalay. The majority of them are uninhabited. The area is sometimes compared to the Maldives because all of the islands are flat and heavily forested with plants and palm palms. While the temperature is high all year round, the climate is less humid from December to April than it is from May to November.

Diving in Cagayancillo

Cagayan Dive Camping

An underwater ridge called Cagayancillo, which is part of the Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park, was formed by dormant volcanoes.
For divers who enjoy pelagic fish, coral, and walls but don't want to spend the night on a boat, it is the perfect place to go.


In January 2020, our brand-new Easy Diving Eco-Resort was finished. High-end beds and mattresses are available in both our Luxury Glamping Tents and AC Bungalows. We have a constant connection to the electrical grid. Every socket complies with European requirements. For personal hygiene, there is a brick facility with four showers and toilets available. The bungalows each include a CR and shower. Kingsize or twin beds can be reserved in the accommodation, as well as single occupancy.

You will have an absolutely beautiful, heavenly time at the eco-resort in a setting that still reflects the history of the Philippines.
You will have a slightly smaller selection with straightforward but always freshly made dishes because the islands are far away. Nonetheless, Easy Diving promises to provide proper service. Going back to the beginnings in style Although not included in the cost of the safari, alcoholic beverages are also accessible.
Cagayan, Cagayan Dive Camping,
Cagayan, Cagayan Dive Camping,
Cagayan, Cagayan Dive Camping,
Cagayan, Cagayan Dive Camping,
Cagayan, Cagayan Dive Camping,


Breakfast is served aboard the boat after coffee and snacks are served on the way to the first dive in the morning. The first dive is the deepest after breakfast. You will typically complete three dives each day before we return to the harbor at around 4 o'clock because the other two are shallower. On the boat, as usual, there is lunch, a variety of snacks, fruits, water, non-alcoholic drinks, tea, and coffee in between dives.
Lagoon dives at night are always an option. Of course, we can modify the schedule to suit the needs of the visitors. The ship is outfitted with an oxygen tank, a compressor, contemporary communication devices, safety gear, and first aid supplies.
Surface Marker Buoy/SMB, dive computer, and underwater light must all be brought by each diver.
You have the chance to tour the main island and get to know its wonderful residents after the safari. Your final dive must end by 1 o'clock on the sixth day in order to ensure a secure flight back to Sipalay. You now have a break that lasts at least 18 hours.
Cagayan, Cagayan Dive Camping,
Cagayan, Cagayan Dive Camping,


You go to Cagayancillo in a Cessna with six seats so that we may treat you like the Very Important People that you are to us. This one-of-a-kind move takes 25 minutes and gives you breathtaking impressions.
You pick you up at the runway in the same manner when you return to Sipalay. You are then taken to Amila Dive Beach Resort or to the place you are going next.
Cagayan, Cagayan Dive Camping,
Cagayan, Cagayan Dive Camping,

Tour Plan

Starting on December 14, 2024 there is going to be a flight to Cagayan every seven days, departing on Tuesdays. The duration of the stay is seven nights.
1December 24, 2024December 31, 2024
2December 31, 2024January 07, 2025
3January 07, 2025January 14, 2025
4January 14, 2025January 21, 2025
5January 21, 2025January 28, 2025
6January 28, 2025February 04, 2025
7February 04, 2025February 11, 2025
8February 11, 2025February 18, 2025
9February 18, 2025February 25, 2025
10February 25, 2025March 04, 2025
11March 04, 2025March 11, 2025
12March 11, 2025March 18, 2025
13March 18, 2025March 25, 2025
14March 25, 2025April 01, 2025
15April 01, 2025April 08,2025
16April 08, 2025April 15, 2025
17April 15, 2025April 22, 2025
18April 22, 2025April 29, 2025
19April 29, 2025May 06, 2025
20May 06, 2025May 13, 2025
21May 13, 2025May 20, 2025
22May 20, 2025May 27, 2025
23May 27, 2025June 03, 2025
24June 03, 2025June 10, 2025
25June 10, 2025June 17, 2025
26June 17, 2025June 24, 2025
27June 25, 2025July 01, 2025
28July 01, 2025July 08, 2025
29July 08, 2025July 15, 2025

One affordable price for your next 
Dive Adventure

PHP 112,500

• Flight from Sipalay, ca. 25 min fligh time
• 7 nights at Easy Diving Eco-Resort, 
• Full Board
• Worldclass diving

Surcharge for single occupancy 9,500 PHP

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the safari start and end?

At the airstrip of Sipalay city.

When does the Tour start?

The flight from Sipalay Airport leaves at around 8am.

When does the Tour end?

The Tour ends between 9am to 10am at this time we would be back at the Sipalay Airport.

Do I need to be Advanced diver or higher?

Holding an AOWD certification or higher is advised in order to be able to join for all the dives. There are dives, for which the prerequisite is an AOWD certification. But you can of course pass your AOWD in no more than 2 days with us prior to your safari.

Do I need to do a check dive before the safari?

Yes, for your own safety we ask you to do a check dive with us prior to sailing out.

How many divemaster are on this tour?

In general we do have one multilingual European dive instructor and one local divemaster on board. If you would like to have your own dive guide, we can of course arrange one for an additional charge.

How do I reach Sipalay from Bacolod or Dumaguete?

With a Van and driver. We would be please to arrange such a transfer for you. For the more adventurous, there are buses or freelance driver around the airports. On request we will arrange a 25 minutes air transfer for you.

Can you arrange my transfers?

We do arrange any kind of transfer from any point of the Philippines.

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Cagayan, Cagayan Dive Camping,
Cagayan, Cagayan Dive Camping,
Cagayan, Cagayan Dive Camping,

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